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Go VET Project

Go VET is an Erasmus+ KA project for the exchange of good practices carried out between 2016 and 2019, based on the following rationale:

Europe is still in need of a greater focus on Guidance and Orientation [GO] of pupils to help spur growth and the making of correct Educational and VET choices, so that a better developed and transversal guidance is the first, and probably the most important step for preventing school drop off in Europe.

Education is key to shaping young people’s attitudes, skills and culture, so it is vital that guidance is addressed from an early age. However, a conceptual shift from guidance as 'how to choose my further educational path” to “how to develop a general set of tools to make the students understand the future consequences of their choice”, is needed.

In Europe, much GO practice still tends to be ad hoc, and varies vastly in quantity and quality. If we consider the situation existing in the partner countries, GO development is at different stages and shows different approaches.

Based on this, the project promoted and performed the exchange of an overarching approach/model to GO targeted at the youngest, enrolled in primary and secondary education until the age of 14/15, capable to allow students, families, teachers and trainers, understand the opportunity offered by VET to complete their educational path and for their life ahead.

All the target groups have been actively involved in the project activities, and the transferring of the model. Partners believed that the absence of a synergic action cannot lead to sustainable/systemic interventions in the field. The targets of the projects were, therefore

  • Students, for whom the most effective way to enhance self-investigation and VET opportunities is to witness directly how crafts are organised under a practical point of view.

  • Families, who are an essential element to support and guide the choices of their children. 

  • Trainers and teachers, who represent the critical success factor. They need further support both in terms of pedagogical approaches to GO and practical expertise in guiding the youngest.

Partner Countries: